Commit 900796fd authored by Alynna Trypnotk's avatar Alynna Trypnotk

Optimize buffer size and packet size. Max out >1gbps links.

parent 09d9c607
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ VERIFY=1 # Do a rsync after the copy to sync files that c
RESUME=1 # Default to resuming the transfer.
PORT=65432 # The default port for file transfers.
BLOCKSIZE=65536 # TAR Record size, Socat block size, and other things that should be synced.
BUF=1048576 # Send and Receive buffer
BUF=16777216 # Send and Receive buffer
ENCRYPTOR=cat # Change to "openssl enc -e" to encrypt the connection
DECRYPTOR=cat # Change to "openssl enc -d" to encrypt the connection
LIMIT=0 # Limit bandwidth usage to $LIMIT bytes
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